3 Reasons Pools Can Be a Great Investment


There's nothing more serene than lying in the sun on a summer day. With a drink in your hand and your feet dangling off a raft into a pool, you might just forget what day it is. While the cost of inground pool installation and maintenance might have you second-guessing whether a private pool is for you, it's important to remember that a pool is a long-term investment. Not only will you soak up hours of relaxation in your own backyard oasis, but having a pool may increase the value of your property. Here are three ways installing a pool can prove to be a smart long-term investment.

Health and Well-Being

A swimming pool is first and foremost an investment in your physical health. Hopping in the pool to swim laps, play basketball or do water aerobics is a wonderful, low-impact way to burn a few calories. Pools also make it possible for people with injuries or permanent disabilities to stay active without re-injuring themselves.

Additionally, hanging out at the pool helps you relax, which brings its own host of health benefits. A sense of relaxation can lower your heart rate, improve digestion, help you sleep better and lower your stress hormones. In short, when you cash in on great inground swimming pool prices, your body will be thanking you for a long time.

Social Gatherings

Even small pools are bound to attract a lot of visitors. Under the hot Las Vegas sun, if you don't have a pool it might be hard to lure your loved ones to your backyard. That means you can also think of a swimming pool as an investment in your social life. Invite small groups over for weekend pool parties or throw a big Fourth of July barbecue -- it's not hard to tempt visitors from out of state when the promise of poolside cocktails is on the table.

A pool also makes it easy to meet the neighbors when you invite them over for a sunset float or to dip their legs in the water on an especially hot day. From large above-ground pools to small inground pools, installing a backyard water sanctuary is an investment in building personal relationships and creating memories.

Home Value

On top of health and social benefits, installing backyard pools can actually help you get more cash when you eventually sell your home. In warm climates like Las Vegas, adding a swimming pool can increase home value by more than 10 percent. Even after factoring in installation and ongoing maintenance, this means you might still earn a few grand when all is said and done.

A few considerations to keep in mind: Pay attention to the style of pools in your neighborhood and try to keep at least some yard area for sitting and landscaping. These factors increase the likelihood of turning your pool into an investment. Choose the style of pool most popular in your neighborhood, such as lap pool or swim spa, to increase the chances of finding a high-paying buyer later on.

Thinking about getting a pool? Start investigating fiberglass inground swimming pools and Jacuzzis now, and you could be relaxing in your own backyard oasis before you know it. There's no time to invest in your health and home like right now!