5 Steps to Pool Safety for Dogs and Cats

Dog laying by a pool.

Every parent understands the need to keep their kids safe around the pool. But what about pets? It's important to take safety measures to protect your four-legged family members as well. 

If you are a pool owner with pets, follow these tips to keep your pool pet safe all year long.

1. Keep Them Out of the Pool

The best way to protect your pet is to install fencing or a gate to keep them from having access to the pool without your knowledge. There are both permanent and removable options. Any barrier should be able to prevent a child or animal from getting over, under, or through it to the pool. 

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has guidelines on what makes effective barriers.

You can also install a safety cover to protect your pet. These are much safer than floating pool covers, which can actually add to the danger. If an animal falls underneath a cover, it can be confusing and difficult to find their way out.

Safety covers are anchored in place and cover the entire pool. If you have a large pet, make sure the cover can support their weight in case they try to walk across it. 

2. Supervise Your Pet When Around the Pool

Even if your dog is a good swimmer, it is important to never leave them around the pool unattended. This is especially true for older or infirm animals. While most animals naturally know how to swim if they end up in the water, some are not good swimmers. Small dogs can tire more easily, and some breeds such as bulldogs, are poor swimmers. And while your cat is unlikely to deliberately take a dip in the pool, it is possible for them to fall in. Kittens have been known to become quite rambunctious when playing, and could easily take a tumble into the water while roughhousing with their playmates.

If your dog enjoys getting in the water with your kids, make sure you teach your children proper safety rules. They should never grab onto the dog while they are in the water, to avoid accidentally pulling them under water. 

3. Teach Your Pet to Swim

This may sound silly, but helping your dog, and even your cat, learn how to properly swim can be helpful. Some dogs are poor swimmers, and some do not enjoy the water. You can hire someone to help train your pet, or simply assist them in the water one or two times. Holding up their back end while in the water teaches them to use their hind legs more effectively.

4. Install an Exit Ramp

You can help your pet practice exiting the pool if you have graduated steps. A panicked animal may try to exit from the nearest pool edge and be unable to climb out. Another good idea is to install a ramp that is designed to make it easy for an animal to get out of the pool.

5. Use an Alarm System

Another good safety feature that works well for both children and pets is an alarm that alerts you if someone has fallen into the pool. A loud alarm will go off if an object over 17 pounds falls into the water. Of course, this device will only protect your pet if they are over 15 pounds.

You could also place a water-detecting collar on your pet that works with a remote alarm speaker. If the sensor becomes submerged in water, the alarm will sound very loudly at a base inside the house.

Pool Pet Safety Benefits the Entire Family

By taking steps to protect your pets around your pool, you are also keeping your whole family safe. You will not only boost your family's enjoyment of your backyard pool, you can also enjoy greater peace of mind.

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