5 Ways to Make Your Pool Safe for Your Family


The family pool: it's a place where memories happen! From backyard parties and sun-soaked afternoons to peaceful early-morning swims, a residential pool offers dozens of opportunities for special moments.

To get the most out of your pool, though, you've got to ensure it's safe for the whole family - pets and kids included!

To make your pool as safe as possible, just follow these tips:

1. Get a Safety Cover

If you've got young kids and your pool isn't fenced, a safety cover is crucial. Designed to prevent kids and pets from accidentally falling into the pool, a safety cover provides a springy surface stable enough to walk on.

Available for both in-ground and above-ground pools, a safety cover makes your pool safer while also keeping out troublesome debris and keeping your pool clean and beautiful.

2. Store (and Use) Your Chemicals Carefully

All pools require chemicals for maintenance. While these chemicals are harmless when used correctly, they pose a big threat if they're consumed or ingested. With this in mind, be sure to store your pool chemicals where kids and pets can't reach them.

Many pool owners opt to use a large milk crate to collect bottles, and store it on the upper shelf of a garage cupboard or in a locked cabinet. When it's time to treat your pool, be sure to keep kids and animals out of the area. You should also always use pool testing strips after treatment to ensure your water's chemical levels are right where they should be.

3. Fence Your Pool

The best way to prevent accidental falls into a pool is to fence it completely. The American Red Crossrecommends surrounding the pool with a fence that is at least four feet high and which includes a self-latching gate.

For added safety, you may also consider installing a series of pool alarms, which will sound if anyone enters the pool.

4. Set Some Pool Rules

Make swim time fun and safe by establishing some pool rules, just like you'd see at any public pool you took your family too.

Common-sense guidelines like "no running" and "no diving" are great ways to keep kids (and adults) safe and happy in your residential pool. You might also require kids to swim with a buddy at all times and ensure that everyone in your family has taken swim lessons.

Additionally, small children should always be under active adult supervision and should never be allowed to swim unattended. Never use flotation devices as a substitute for adult supervision or ensure that young children will "watch one another" in the pool.

5. Keep Flotation Devices Nearby

No matter who swims in your pool or how frequently you use the space, you should always keep some flotation devices, like rescue tubes, nearby. Think of this like wearing your seatbelt: it's a simple yet proactive measure that helps keep everyone safe.

Poolside Peace of Mind for You and Your Family

If you own a pool, it's only natural that safety is your top priority. Luckily, these five simple tips can go a long way to make your pool safer for kids, pets and adults and to ensure that everyone who comes to swim has a happy and healthy experience.