Alternatives to Winterizing Your Pool - From Heaters to Fun Covers


Your Pool Doesn’t Have to Hibernate This Winter

The dog days of summer are quickly fading away, giving way to cold fronts that are getting increasingly colder and more frequent. Soon, it will be winter. The peaks of Sunrise, Frenchman, McCullough and Potosi will be snow-capped. The searing heat will be gone – but so will the long, lazy days spent lounging by the pool. Before you begrudgingly roll out your cover and bid farewell to your pool until the clock springs forward signaling the warm seasons, stop! You can continue to enjoy your pool this winter!

Invest in a Pool Heater

One obvious way to ensure you’ll be able to enjoy your swimming pool year-round is to invest in a pool heater, if you don’t already have one. A heated swimming pool is not nearly as refreshing as a hot tub, but it will kill the chill from your pool water.

Invest in a Pool Enclosure

It’s a significant investment, for sure, but if you are serious about using your pool year-round, why not turn it into an indoor pool? Hire a contractor to build a permanent or removable enclosure that will warm the air temperature and, consequently, your pool water temperature. Pair it with a pool heater for optimal temperature control.

Host Floating Movie Parties

Vegas nights are notoriously clear and starry. With a few sturdy inflatable rafts, you can float under that starry sky year-round. Equip your rafts with cozy throws, set up a movie screen or big screen TV and host a moonlight movie night. It’s sure to be an event your guests won’t forget.

Host Pool Pong Games

The 21-and-up crowd will get a kick out of this variation of beer pong with a twist. Set out floating baskets or buckets and ping pongs or lightweight rubber balls. Set the rules that appeal to your group — miss one and take a drink. Or, miss five in a row and take a polar plunge? It’s up to you!

Learn to Tolerate Polar Plunges

A polar plunge can be a funny penalty for losing a game – or it can become a part of your winter routine. A quick morning dip will get your blood flowing, rev up your metabolism and definitely wake you up so you can embrace the day to come.

Turn it Into A Trampoline (Seriously)

If you’re overly adventurous or handy, why not try to replicate this pool in South Africa? It has a high-tech cover that doubles as a trampoline!

Conduct an Epic Science Fair Experiment

For the under-21 crowd that may have science fair coming up, go for the blue ribbon by incorporating your pool into the experiment. How long does it take algae to grow? The effects of chlorine on algae? Or perhaps a more advanced analysis of the metal contents in pool water?

Buy the Family Wetsuits

Scuba divers wear wetsuits because they trap body heat to make frigid open waters bearable. You can take advantage of these readily available garments to make your winter pool water bearable for year-round swimming.

Add a Spa to Your Pool

Last but certainly not least, the most practical way to ensure your pool continues to be a gathering spot throughout the winter is to add a spa. If you don’t already have a spa, you’re really missing out! It’s an addition that you’ll get use out of year-round. You could gift your family wetsuits this Christmas. Or, you could give them a gift they’ll be certain to appreciate for years to come: a hot tub!