Buying an Inground Pool - Picking The Right Size Pool For Your Yard

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In the United States, there are more than 10 million swimming pools. Of those 10 million, the largest number is found on the west coast. Chances are, if you live in the Las Vegas area, you either have one, want one, or know someone who has one.

If you're a member of the second group and are looking to invest in a pool for your yard, it's important to ask yourself a number of questions before deciding on which pool to get.

Getting a swimming pool is not just about the size your yard can accommodate. There are other considerations as well that are actually even more important. Since neither a pool nor yard can be stretched or manipulated, it's important to ask yourself these questions before buying and installing.

1. How much patio/deck space do you need?

Unless you're an avid swimmer, you may be more likely to spend your time leisurely swimming around the pool or hosting pool parties, which means a deck and patio would be important. Consider the space you will need for you (and anyone else) to move comfortably and safely around the pool.

2. Who will use it and why?

If you are a competitive swimmer or someone who needs rigorous training, it's important to ensure your pool is the right size. On the other hand, if your pool is more likely to be used by your children or for simple recreation, chances are you don't need that extra 10 feet of pool space. Swimming is the most popular recreational activity for children and teens and it's doubtful you will be disappointed with a 20' pool.

3. Which types/sizes of pools will conform to building codes?

Depending on several factors (such as HOA's or local ordinances), your pool will need to conform to many different building and safety codes. While it may be tempting to design something unique and special, it's important to consult with an expert while determining the size of your pool before construction because they will be able to tell you if your chosen pool is legally feasible and fits within Nevada's pool regulations.

4. What kind of electrical work will you need to have done?

In addition to property codes, there are specific lighting codes that must be adhered to with the installation of any pool or spa. Your pool will need to be inspected once complete and the electrical work done will need to be done by a qualified contractor. This may require additional wiring, lighting, and grounding that can be added costs. This is important to factor in when considering the budget for your pool.

5. How much yard space do you want to preserve?

While pools are incredibly popular - especially in Nevada - they do remove space for gardens. It's important to note the chemicals used to keep pools clean can drain into nearby soil and make it useless for keeping a green garden (unless your pool is installed with a copper ionization sanitizer - chemical-free filtration!). When you factor in the space you want for your deck and patio, also consider the effects of chlorine on your beautiful Nevada Sagebrush. 

6. Consider Alternative Dimensions

With the availability of custom designs and the multitude of options available for pool construction, it may be that the surface area of pool you want can be accommodated with less encroachment on your backyard area with a little finesse and creativity. Perhaps the size you want can be achieved by changing the shape of the pool. By consulting with experts, you may discover your dream pool is just a matter of thinking outside the box!

Ultimately, answering these questions can guide you to finding the perfect pool for your home and family. However, if you are not sure which direction to go in or if you are just shopping around for ideas, come visit either of our showrooms for inspiration today or request a quote. With special financing available, Renaissance Pools and Spas can help you get the ball rolling.