Learn to Love Your Pool Again!


The day you took the plunge and purchased a pool (or purchased a home with a pool) was probably one of your family's most exciting days.

When your pool was still a novelty, you and your kids probably spent so many days splishing and splashing that your happy memories of the new-pool days may seem to blend together into one glorious tableau of drip-drying, laughing kids (yours, and plenty of friends and neighbors.)

Some may consider buying a pool a "luxury item." But can you really put a price on the enjoyment your pool brought you?

As with anything new and shiny, the excitement about your pool probably eventually wore off. Kids are notorious for short attention spans and, these days, for spending their free time staring at a tiny screen.

If your once-beloved pool is lonely, it's time to make waves and remind yourself and your family why you desperately wanted a pool in the first place. Here are a few ideas sure to make your pool the life of the party again.

Host a Dive-In Movie Night

During the most intense Vegas summer heat, you and your family may shun the sun (and the pool) simply because you don't want to hassle with sunscreen and risk sunburns. That's understandable.

Why not flip your typical schedule and hit the pool after the sun sets?

Swimming by moonlight is a treat for the senses. Even better, borrow or rent a movie projector, set up a screen or giant white sheet, fill the pool with noodles and floats, and host a movie night for family and friends. Want to be the coolest house on the block? Make it a standing event, "Friday night Movie Night with the Smith's! BYOB and a snack to share!"

Progressive Pool Party

You have a pool. You probably have neighbors and nearby friends who have a pool, too (this is Las Vegas after all). One surefire way to ensure your kids and your friends' kids won't get bored is to partner up for a progressive pool party.

Team up with three or four other pool owners who live near you, and arrange to spend an hour or so swimming at one house, then moving on to the next one, and so on. This is a super fun birthday party idea for younger kids!

Doggie Paddle Party

Speaking of parties … if you love your pooch as much as your pool, combine the two for some out-of-the-box fun. Encourage your kids to invite their friends over to swim - and bring their dogs!

Obviously, make sure the invitees' temperaments and physical fitness are appropriate first. Then, sit back and watch the hilarity, which your kids will probably memorialize on social media.

Fun and Games

Marco Polo and chicken fights are fun - for a while. Where have all the unique pool games gone? Time to get inventive.

For example, easily create a squirt gun obstacle course in and around your pool. Tie lines of twine from one end of the pool to the other. On the twine, string items as you would string beads on a necklace.

The winner is the first kid to get the items from one end to the other with the power of their squirt guns.

For a fun variation on this racing theme, fill the pool with rubber duckies and have kids push their duck from one end to the other using only their nose. Make sure to have fun prizes for the winners!

New Swimming Pool Goodies

Another surefire way to attract the family to the pool is to fill it with fun floats. From round floats shaped like emojis to huge ride-on swans and penguins, giant inflatables are irresistible. So are floating coolers filled with snacks and drinks just an arm's length away!

You were excited when you got your pool. It's time to rediscover the thrill of those honeymoon pool days! And if you don't have a pool yet, we just happen to know the best pool builders in Las Vegas.