The Best Swimming Goggles: A 5 Point Buyer's Guide

Kid in Swimming Goggles

Whether you're trying to break a record, stay in shape, or just have fun, a pair of the best swimming goggles for your specific activity can make the whole experience exponentially better once you get into the water. Goggles allow you to keep focused, they keep chlorine out of your eyes (which wouldn't be a problem with a copper ionization pool system), and they can make your swimming experience that much more enjoyable... if you have the right set, that is.

How do you choose the perfect swimming goggles? Well, you can start by following our 5 point buyer's guide.

Step #1: Which Goggle Lens Style Should i choose?

Curved Goggle Lenses

When it comes to swimming goggles, the two most common lens styles are flat lenses and curved lenses. While one might seem just as good as the other, there's actually a difference between the two according to 220 Triathlon. A flat lens, often considered the more comfortable goggle option, tends to reduce your depth perception, and it can be difficult to tell distances with this style. A curved lens increases your peripheral vision.

The LoneSwimmer points out that flat lens goggles are also becoming increasingly popular for open water swimming.

If you're just swimming for your own enjoyment, either lens type will work (go for comfort) but you'll probably be happiest in a "leisure swimming" flat lens pair of goggles. If speed and performance matter, though, then a curved performance set of swimming goggles might be just what you're looking for to make sure you can see where you are on the course, and can time your turns just right.

Step #2: Check For The Best GoGgle Comfort (And Suction)

The two primary concerns for wearing your goggles are going to be comfort and functionality. Goggles that aren't comfortable to wear might do more harm than good, and if they leak then they aren't terribly useful. As such, the first thing you should do according to Enjoy Swimming is to take the goggles and press them up against your eyes. Don't put the straps on, just press the goggles against your face as if you were wearing them. See if they feel comfortable or not, even when you use additional pressure. Pay particular attention to the nose piece. When you're sure the goggles are comfortable, take the pressure off and see if they stick to your face. A good pair of goggles should stick for a second or two on pure suction.

Step #3: You Don't Need Dark or Mirrored Goggles

One of the first urges a lot of swimmers have (especially if they want to look cool when they slip their goggles on) is to get either a pair with very dark lenses, or a pair with mirrored lenses. While that's great if you do a lot of outdoor swimming in bright environments, as Stack points out, they aren't as good for indoor swimming. If you don't need to wear sunglasses at the place you usually swim, you can probably forego the sleek, Baywatch look. After all, your goggles aren't there to look cool... they're there to keep water out of your eyes. (But if you want to look cool in the process, we won't judge.)

Step #4: Don't Be Afraid To Have BACK-up Pairs of Goggles

Goggles are a tool, and as with any tool it's important to have a back-up on hand. Or two, if you want to be safe. Because even if you've found the perfect pair of goggles, something might happen that necessitates a quick switch (a crack in a lens, a snapped strap, a twisted nose piece, etc.). As Swim Outlet suggests, you can never have too many back-ups in case something goes wrong, but you still want to swim.

Step #5: The Right Goggles For The Right Kind of Swimming

Depending on why you're in the pool, you may find different goggles helpful. Practice or training goggles are good for casual swimming, or those who are in training, for example. Competition goggles may look sleeker and smoother, but you might not want them for everyday laps. The right tool for the right job is particularly important when it comes to what's keeping water out of your eyes.

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