Tips for Teaching Your Kids How to Swim at Home


In sunny Western regions like Las Vegas, one of the most important things parents can teach their kids is how to swim. The earlier kids learn to swim, the safer they are and the earlier they can enjoy cooling off in the water with friends and family on a sunny day. Swimming is a great way for kids to get some exercise and help them keep fit, happy and cool in hot climates. It's also an excellent form of play. Pool games such as Marco Polo allow kids to spend hours in the pool while adults relax poolside, giving parents the enjoyment of spending time together and watching their children have fun!

Why It's Best to Teach Kids to Swim at Home

The process of learning to swim can be a bit scary for some kids, so it's best to teach kids to swim in a friendly, familiar environment such as your home. Public pools are potentially strange, unfamiliar places for children, full of unknown people and noise. Public pools may also contain harsh concentrations of chlorine that can irritate tender skin.

Taking swimming lessons in an unfamiliar environment could turn your kids off from swimming or even make them afraid of pools. You do not want your children to develop a fear of swimming, because it's important for safety and socialization that they develop good swimming skills. Teaching your kids to swim at home is the best way to make sure kids learn how to swim in a familiar, comfortable place. Learning at home will help them to embrace swimming rather than developing anxieties or phobias about the water.

Tips for Teaching Kids to Swim at Home

  • Choose a day that is a pleasant temperature outside and in the water so children will not be resistant to getting in and out of the pool.

  • Hire a swimming instructor who is known to be good with children to provide a private lesson at your house.

  • Talk to your children about the swimming lesson in an enthusiastic way that does not suggest it is something for them to fear.

  • Consider having the swimming instructor provide the lesson to your children along with their friends, so the lesson is fun and social.

  • Be present at the pool during the lesson to help make your child feel comfortable.

  • Celebrate the completion of the lesson with cool drinks, a fun meal and dessert.

  • Get tips from the instructor on ways to practice swimming with your child after the lessons are complete. With a pool in your backyard, it will be easy to practice, and your kids will be wonderful swimmers in no time.

Swimming is one of the best activities families can do together, and it's also a fantastic activity for kids to engage in while family and friends are outside enjoying the day. This is why it's important for Las Vegas parents to have a plan for teaching their kids to swim. Your home pool is the best place to teach your kids swimming in a way that will make it one of their favorite activities. A great home swimming lesson, along with subsequent practice sessions in your home pool, will ready your kids for a lifetime of happy hours in the water.