Trendy Giant Pool Floats for Adults Are Creating Instagram Stars

It may have started in 2015 when Taylor Swift posted an Instagram photo of herself and her latest beau snuggling together in a large inflatable swan.


Or it might be just the way pop culture grabs onto a trend and swims with it. Either way pool floats are the new cool and have become the perfect photo opportunity prop for the young and young-at-heart. 

The Giant Rubber Duck Floaty

Giant Rubber Duckie Pool Floaty

The iconic rubber duck was invented by sculptor Peter Ganine in the 1940's and became a popular bathtub toy. Now you can keep your swimsuit on and have some fun with a whimsical rubber duck pool float. There are smaller ones for children but companies like Sunplay offer gigantic ducks that hold up to 175 pounds and will give tired swimmers a relaxing ride.

The Swan

Swan Pool Floaty

The swan float has become the one pool accessory those of Instagram fame can't be without. There are other popular birds represented in the inflatable world like flamingos, toucans and pelicans but it is the swan that says you're cool. For luxury pool float dealers like Funboy it's a win-win and they make sure to keep that avian species available in every color imaginable.

The Pizza Slice

Pizza Float

Celebrities started the pizza slice float trend in 2010. These giant inflatables are 70 inches in length and come with amenities like drink holders and a pizza crust head rest. Other food representations followed. Reese Witherspoon is a lovely sight on Instagram floating on her pink frosted donut. Watermelon slices appeared too. It was all the brainchild of Big Mouth, Inc. and their fantastical pool products.

The Unicorn


It's not just for little girls anymore. The popularity of anything unicorn has grown in the last several years and the swimming pool world took notice. Dalosdream carries a two person colorful unicorn float that you can inflate with a hair dryer. But Sam's Club really went all out with their 10 foot long unicorn mega-float capable of carrying up to six people. It's more boat than float.

The Mattress

Pool mattresses have been around for a long time but now they have been taken to a whole new level. No longer are they the wimpy soft floats that you were afraid to nap on because you might roll off. The Solstice Malibu Mattress is a full 83 inches long by 63 inches wide and includes cool extras like cup holders and arm rests. It's made of durable vinyl and is perfect for cuddling with a special someone.

The Island Table

Floating Table Island

Everyone wants their own floating picnic table complete with seating for four people. Hayneedle has designed the ultimate Island table and it's even better than you can imagine. It can be used both on the beach and in your swimming pool. It's easy to be the kings and queens of the backyard pool while you chill with friends over a game of cards. You can wave to the cameras while doing lunch.

Creative flotillas of every imaginable Instagrammable shape and size are making a splash. Swimming pools have never been so much fun. It doesn't matter if you see these jaunty floats as an East Hampton style status symbol or as a magically intriguing way to show off or cool off. They add a comical and colorful personality to your swimming space.

What's that? You don't have a pool yet?! We've got some swimming pool ideas for ya.