When Is It Time to Consider Replacing Your Old Pool?


Nothing lasts forever, including your in-ground swimming pool. So, how long will your pool last before you should consider repairing or replacing it? That depends primarily on the type of pool you have.

Vinyl, Concrete and Fiberglass Pools Have Different Lifespans

Vinyl swimming pools cost less to construct but are the most maintenance-intensive option. Because the vinyl pool liner can rip or deteriorate, it typically needs to be replaced every five to 10 years. Concrete pools usually last longer than vinyl pools; expect them to need resurfacing every 10 years or so. However, a concrete pool is the most expensive type of pool to replace. If your pool is fiberglass, you're in luck! Most fiberglass pools last for about 25 years. If you have a fiberglass pool, you may never need to replace it (that responsibility will fall to whoever owns your house decades down the road.)

Maintenance Prolongs Your Pool's Lifespan

At the first sign that a vinyl pool liner has been breached, you must have it patched. Otherwise, you'll wake up one day to a pool without water. If you're repeatedly needing to have your vinyl pool patched, it's time to replace the liner.

Concrete pools require even more maintenance if you want to delay the need to replaster or replace. Unlike fiberglass, which is resistant to staining, concrete is prone to stains from minerals, like copper or iron, in pool water. If your pool is concrete, you should be especially diligent about monitoring the metal-content in your water and keeping it balanced.

Additionally, concrete pools that aren't well-maintained and repaired can become money pits (literally). If you begin to see sections of plaster wearing away and showing the gunite beneath, that's a problem. The plaster is the waterproof barrier that keeps your concrete pool structurally sound.

Without prompt maintenance and repairs, you'll need to replace your pool, because using it could be dangerous. The longer you let it sit unrepaired, the worse the problem becomes. Eventually, the once-sparkling, inviting focal point of your property will become a neglected eyesore.

Fiberglass pools are the lowest-maintenance pools. The most important maintenance item is to make sure it is always full of water. If you drain the water from your fiberglass pool and don't refill it quickly, hydrostatic pressure from the groundwater table can damage it. Keeping your pool full of water -- that's not tough!

Even If You Don't Need to Replace, You Can Always Renovate!

If your pool is in good shape, structurally, but could use an aesthetic face lift, you've got plenty of options. Just as you redecorate your home's interior from time to time and change details on your home's exterior, you can refresh your pool, too. The best part? Not only will it look better, it will probably entice you, your family and friends to rediscover how much fun a pool can be!

Here are five fun ideas to update your pool and amp up your fun factor.

  • Add a spa. This instantly makes your pool a four-season pool and a sore muscle relaxation station.

  • Spruce up your deck. If your pool is in great shape but your surroundings are tired, consider new landscaping or an entire deck overhaul.

  • Add a water feature. Deck jets and waterfalls add the element of motion and sound to your backyard oasis.

  • Install or revamp lighting. LED lighting comes in an array of colors and can add ambiance to your pool.

  • Install a tanning ledge. Especially in the blazing Vegas sun, a tanning ledge allows you to keep cool and soak up the rays without actually being submerged.

Your pool is the centerpiece of your outdoor living space. Maintain it and update it occasionally so, although it may not be "new," it will feel new to you!