The Copper ionization sanitizer is an amazing sanitization system that has been used in commercial building since the 1970’s. Hospitals are even starting to switch over to copper water filtration due to it being the only system on the market that can kill MRSA. Our fiberglass pool manufacturer, Viking Pools, has been using the copper ionization sanitizer for over 12 years.

How Does A Copper Ionization Pool Filter Work?

A copper pool filtration system is a computerized machine with a “cell” that holds two copper plates. We install the cell in line with the plumbing for the pump and filter. The two copper plates inside the cell have a positive charge. When the water transfers through the cell the copper completely kills any bacteria and then dispenses clean (technically drinkable) water back into the pool.

A Fresh Water Pool – Better Than Salt or Chlorine

Pools using a copper ionization filter are considered fresh water pools. There is never a need for chlorine, salt, or any form of disinfecting chemicals. It is safe for kids, animals, and anyone with skin sensitivity’s and/or health issues that can not tolerate chemicals. You can control the amount of copper you use in cases of large parties or lots of kids swimming. You can even crank it up to naturally shock the pool.